Mr Dale Arvidsson

Ordinary Committee Member

Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Brisbane

Dale commenced as Curator at Brisbane Botanic Gardens in 2015 and joined CHABG, following 12 years at the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens. 

Dale has a diverse background included horticulture, conservation and land management, tourism. Qualifications include a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Advanced Diplomas in Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management. Dale was President of Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand (BGANZ) from 2013–15. 

Dale is impassioned about botanic gardens and their role in conserving and researching flora in the face of a changing climate and increasing human impacts on the environment. Education of these messages, keeping horticulture and science at the forefront of public awareness and making a difference through the work of botanic gardens and arboreta to our lives is Dale’s focus for the ongoing role of botanic gardens in Australia.

CHABG Committee

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