Support Our Work

CHABG welcomes partnerships and donations to support the protection, conservation and enhancement of Australian plants and their ecosystems.

Our members work together to raise funds that support the work of botanic gardens and seed banks across Australia. We welcome partnerships with governments, business and philanthropy that align with the following objectives.

  • supporting and carrying out research into the diversity, conservation and ecosystem values of
    Australian plants and their communities;
  • supporting the ex situ and in situ conservation of threatened Australian plants, including through the
    development and use of seed banks;
  • promoting knowledge sharing about plants and plant communities;
  • promoting education about plants and plant communities; and,
  • providing a forum to enhance and promote the botanical, horticultural, educational and
    environmental work of Australian botanic gardens.

Our Partnership Champions

Our partnership champions lead some of Australia’s major botanic gardens and conservation programs. If you would like to discuss partnership opportunities simply email  [email protected] and one of our champions will be in touch.

Denise Ora - Chief Executive, Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust (Chair, Public Fund)
Judy West - Executive Director, Australian National Botanic Gardens
Tim Entwisle - Director and Chief Executive, Royal Botanic Gardens VictoriaCHABG
Damian Wrigley - National Coordinator, Australian Seed Bank Partnership
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