Dr Judy West

Ordinary Committee Member

Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra

Judy West is Executive Director of the Australian National Botanic Gardens, and Assistant Secretary, within Parks Australia, a Division of the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment. Besides the Botanic Gardens, she oversees Parks Australia’s science, natural resource and knowledge-management activities, and manages Parks Partnerships.

Judy has more than 30 years experience in scientific research and policy as a research scientist in CSIRO Plant Industry and director of the Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research and the Australian National Herbarium. She holds an adjunct professorial position at the Australian National University. For her contributions to Australian plant systematics and Australia’s Virtual Herbarium, she was awarded the Nancy Burbidge Memorial Medal in 2001 and an Order of Australia in 2003. Judy’s scientific expertise is in plant systematics and phylogenetics, biodiversity informatics and conservation biology. Using her skills developing partnerships that link science and policy, Judy is building an active science and knowledge-management network in Parks Australia.

CHABG Committee

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