Notice of CHABG Annual General Meeting 2023

CHABG and National Steering Committee members

CHABG Annual General Meeting 2023

The Council of Heads of Australian Botanic Gardens (CHABG) will come together in Adelaide on the 26-27th of October 2023 for the CHABG Annual General Meeting and ordinary meeting.

This invitation-only event will allow for the discussion of CHABG’s operations and finances and for members to vote on proposed resolutions. At the meeting, members will be asked to:

  • review and accept the annual report 2022-2023,
  • review and accept annual financial statements,
  • review CHABG programmes and projects,
  • review the operations of the CHABG Public Fund,
  • undertake planning and preparations for the coming year of operations

This year’s AGM and the ordinary meeting to follow will allow CHABG to continue in its goal to support the protection, conservation and enhancement of Australian plants and their ecosystems.

CHABG members will also attend the Joint International Congress hosted by the Parks & Leisure Australia and World Urban Parks.

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