Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium of South Australia, Adelaide, SA

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens contains a diversity of plants from across Australia and around the world. Situated on 50 hectares in the heart of the city, the Adelaide Botanic Gardens offers magnificently maintained gardens and stunning architecture. 

Adelaide Botanic Garden is one of the State’s most visited and loved institutions. Established in 1855, the Garden has developed with the city, providing a rich array of leisure, tourism, cultural and scientific opportunities for the community and visitors. The Garden has significant cultural heritage values.

are increasingly representative of the
flora adapted to similar climatic conditions as those experienced in South Australia. Seven themes for the living collections:

  • Geographical: a collection or display of plants based on a defined geographical area.
  • Biological & Ecological: collections and displays of plants, which grow together in biological or ecological communities, defined by a particular range of environmental conditions and habitats.
  • Taxonomic and Evolutionary: a collection of plants which demonstrate principles of plant classification and evolution.
  • Ornamental and Landscape: a collection of plants grown for their ornamental and landscape qualities.
  • Historical & Cultural: plants which display aesthetic, scientific, historical or social values for past and present generations.
  • Conservation: plants which require protection due to their status in line with State, National or International conservation strategies.
  • Research Collections: plant collections which demonstrate or are assembled for scientific research.
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