Mr Anthony Whalen

Picture of Anthony Whalen

Ordinary Committee Member

Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra

Anthony is acting Assistant Secretary Strategic Partnerships and ANBG Branch and has responsibility for managing the Australian National Botanic Gardens and many of Parks Australia’s biodiversity science programs. This includes the National Seed Bank, the Australian Biological Resources Study, and the Bush Blitz species discovery program. Responsibilities also include coordination support for the National Parks Conservation Trust.

Anthony’s early career provided a background in biology, environmental science and as a working botanist in Sydney and Canberra. Since 2005, his work has been focused on developing and managing Australian Government policies, programs and data systems relating to Landcare, taxonomy, conservation, wildlife trade and national and world heritage. Anthony was also Deputy Director of the Centre of Australian National Biodiversity Research, a joint venture between Parks Australia and CSIRO. Anthony is currently on the Council of Australian National Botanic Gardens, the World Flora Online Council, and the Catalogue of Life’s Global Species List Working Group.

CHABG Committee

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